Bart B More

Hailing from the Netherlands, Bart van der Meer - known as Bart B More - has been a constant factor in the international electronic dance music scene for many years. His love for DJing and producing has taken him to every continent on the planet, leaving his audience with something to remember - or not to remember.

Bart B More's genre-bending style has helped him to become one of the most renown and respected electronic music producers today. He steers away from a traditional production formula to help create his own signature sound: A fusion of deep techno and heart-pumping electro, with an unusual swing in the drum patterns. His eclectic mix of synths, unparalleled sonic range, hard-hitting drops, and heavy bass lines have helped him to create a distinct and original style. The ability to make each beat, synth, and drop flow seamlessly together in his sets, has made Bart a well seen guest at events all over the globe.

In 2008, Bart found a new challenge and created his own label, Secure Recordings. Since then, the label has been an outlet for Bart to release his own music as well as share his various tastes and musical range. By starting his own label, he's able to showcase not only his own style, but also give new artists a platform to release their music. Bart is a firm believer in supporting new and up and coming artists, and by establishing Secure Recordings he's able to give them a chance to make their mark in the industry.

In the future, Bart B More hopes to continue to have a role in the responsibility to keep dance music forward thinking, innovative, and open minded.

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