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Saturday x 6.28.14

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Saturday x 6.7.14

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Saturday x 5.31.14

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Thursday x 5.29.14

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  • Wedding season is just around the corner which means its time for that last night out. Book your Bachelor or Bachelorette VIP party today!  

     UCSB is back and ready for Spring Quarter.

    Onslaught productions packed the house on Saturday night infusing our main room with their infamous lasers.

  • Inventor of Mushroom Jazz and one of the top House Dj's of all time Mark Farina infused EOS Lounge with his unique blend of house music.

     If your going to pop bottles why not make it LARGE FORMAT!

     Music Is Love brought in G-Jones on Friday night and kept the dance floor packed all night.
  • Mark Farina will be playing a dual set of Mushroom Jazz and Jackin House this Saturday night!
  • February 20th - 22nd
    Our Vanity Thursdays are a great way to start your early weekend. All hail College Night!

     DJ Mackle is mixing all of your favorites !

     Everynight is a great night to dual yield bottles of Ace of Spade.

    AC Slater made a stop on his West Coast Tour into our main room on Saturday Night!
  • Jan 30th - Feb 1st

    Vanity Thursdays are a great excuse for bottle service and possibly a champagne shower. 

    Happy 21st Birthday!!!

     Is it your birthday? Is it a reunion? or did you just get that promotion? Whatever your excuse is reserve your VIP experience today and celebrate in style.

    The one and only Pat Swayzak was in our main room this last Saturday night. Anytime this man in on the decks you can #expectgreatness.

    Party under the stars at our Patio Special Cabana.

  • January 23rd - 25th


    It was a "Twonked Out" Thursday as Brillz took over our main room.  

     College Night was a heavy dose of bass. 

     Reserve your VIP table today to make sure you have a the best experience possible.

    The party never stops at EOS Lounge Friday night is locals night.

     Susan X tore up the dance floor on Saturday Night.

    Happy Birthday Amy Corr!!
    Get your tickets for our first big show of the year at https://nightout.com/events/brillzsb. 
  • January 9th -11th


    Vanity Thursdays are back in action, get your weekend started off right at College Night at EOS Lounge !

    Here is a toast to spending your next Friday night on our patio. 

    Saturday Night OnSlaught Productions brought in their infamous lasers and lights.

    A night is always better with a magnum Vueve Clicqout !

     Be the center of all the action and reserve your VIP table today!

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