Android Cartel

Over the past five years Android Cartel has had many successes with their foray into the sacred art of dance music. First picked up by veteran's Chris Fortier and Steve Lawler in 2008, Android Cartel came onto the scene with great passion and enthusiasm and was soon being played by all the top dogs. From Luciano to John Digweed, Android Cartel's beats could be heard on the radio and in the club.

Since that first inception the boys have had a slow rise into the consciousness of dance music culture. Landing remixes and releases on respected labels such as Rawthentic Music, Thoughtless Music, Spark, ViVa Music, and more recently on the highly acclaimed Adjunct Audio, it is with great enthusiasm that Android Cartel has blazed their own path while effortlessly seeking to improve on their grooves and sound.

Besides their production and label escapades, Android Cartel has built up a solid reputation in Southern California as an incredible and articulate DJ duo, and have performed at many of the legendary festivals in the area such as Lightning In a Bottle, Electric Daisy Carnival, Beyond Wonderland, and Escape From Wonderland. They have also been in consistent demand from LA's promoters and have played parties and events for Droid Behavior, Voodoo, Harmonic, Incognito, and have recently acquired a residency at LA's longest running club night, Monday Social.

Needless to say, Android Cartel is not done constructing, growing, and sharing their passion for electronic music. Be on the look out for more from them.

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